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Who doesn’t understand loneliness? At sometime in our lives we have all experienced times of sadness, betrayal, anxiety! Some of us have been able to climb out of times of darkness and others need someone to help shed a little light in their dark worlds. This make all the difference to someone feeling they don’t know where to turn or who to turn to. It throws a glimmer of hope. 

The Harrogate Hub is a place of safety. It is a place to overcome fear by sharing pain and anxiety. People are stepping into the Hub and finding the support, encouragement and advice they need. The Hub is a true lifeline!

The Harrogate Hub, therefore, has a vision for securing its long term future: 2020.

We are seeking 20 Trusts to fund projects such as our befriending service; Hub allotment; mentoring young people; providing a safe place for people with poor mental health; parish nursing; linking lives; and so much more.

Sponsoring the work of the Hub will mean that no-one in Harrogate need be isolated or lonely, anxious and afraid as there will always be somewhere to turn. We can only provide this safe place with your help!

Please consider giving to the Hub, whether you are an individual, a church, or a business – you really will be investing in the transformation of our community.

Donating is easy

There are many ways to donate. Please selected the method which best suits you from the list below.

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credit or debit card

To use the free online donation service mydonate click on the mydonate button (below).This takes you to the The Harrogate Hub on the My Donate website.

Donate at BT My Donate

The instructions are step by step guide and there is an option to Gift Aid your donation.

Donate by
standing Order

Please complete the Standing Order request form, and return it to us.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation by filling in the information on the second page and signing the form. The Harrogate Hub can benefit significantly by reclaiming tax paid on your donation using this scheme.

Donate by
online banking

Please use our Standing Order Form to set up your online banking transaction. If you are a UK taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation by filling in the information on the second page and signing the form.

Please return both forms to our offices.

Read Cliff’s story

The Harrogate Hub 2020 Campaign

Cliff is an elderly gentleman who was widowed a few years ago after caring for his wife. He visits The Hub regularly and says that knowing he can call in for a cup of tea and some company gives focus to his day.

Cliff could be your neighbour, your father, someone you pass everyday, it could be you.
Help us to help more people like Cliff.

If you can’t give individually but you know someone who can please share this page with them.

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