Meet Ella

Meet Ella, our new charity officer

Hello Ella! Tell us a bit about yourself                                                                                                                                                          I’m a Bristolian enjoying life in the North. I studied English Literature at uni and love living so close to Brontë country. I’m also a big hot chocolate drinker!

What does Charity Officer mean exactly?

I work alongside the Hub team, focusing on the marketing and fundraising side of things. I have the exciting task of spreading the word about the Hub on social media, our website, and in other ways too. At the moment I’m raising awareness about our new 20:20 campaign. You can find out more here!

How would you describe the Hub in three words?

Loving, welcoming, colourful.

What is your hope for the future of Harrogate?                                                                                                                                       I would love to see a more outward-looking, more loving, more accepting Harrogate, where people don’t have to put on a façade, or pretend they’re ok; where everybody knows they have somewhere to turn and experiences the amazing love of God. I’m really excited to be part of the Hub journey and to see this hope become more of a reality every day.


Jo-Ann Hughes
Executive Director
Harrogate Hub

Please get in touch call 01423 369393 or email me:

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May 2016

When I needed a neighbour, were you there?

We are now in a very exciting stage of development. We are beginning to see the opening of the Harrogate Hub!

However, we will only get there with considerable support from being one church in Harrogate, working together.

Work is progressing well with new internal plastered walls, electrics and heating. All the debris from the site has been removed and the contractors are ready to second fix – this is a technical term for putting in the kitchenette, disabled toilet, worktops, new lighting, doors etc … There is still loads to do!

So… Volunteer decorators, cleaners, tea and cake makers are needed for the week beginning Tuesday 7th June when painting the walls begins. I wonder if Nehemiah had this issue?

There are three floors in the building to be decorated. Not forgetting a stairwell!

We can make a start decorating the top and middle floors ready for the training of the Pastoral Care Volunteers to commence at the end of June.

From Tuesday 7th June through to Saturday 11 June – we are open for volunteer decorators and cleaners.

Please get in touch. The church decorating together will progress the Kingdom of God. Really!
Let us know the day and time you are able to come – it will be organised. Promise!

Email us now –

Don’t forget your rollers, brushes and trays. It will be fun! And you will be greatly blessed!

A message from our Interior Designer:

I am hoping to get a modular sofa for the ground floor space!  Please let me know if anybody has any contacts with office supply companies for this.

We are fortunate to have furniture for the middle floor and the office on the top floor.

I am always happy to hear of any input or contacts people may have.

Elaine Rogers

Pastoral Carers

We are looking for at least one Pastoral Carer from each church of the 27 Churches Together in Harrogate. I am told there are 36 churches altogether; at least one from each of the 36 would be fabulous! Unity will be shared as we pool our pastoral resources to reach people with unmet need in our town. ‘Thy Kingdom come…’

Faithful Christian men and women with the gifts of caring for your neighbour, come and join our network of pastoral carers to befriend and signpost people suffering from isolation, loneliness, injustice, oppression, brokenness…

‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few …’

For more details and an information Pastoral Care Pack please contact me:

When I needed a neighbour, were you there?

Volunteer Receptionists also wanted!

You are front of house, welcoming, with an engaging and friendly smile!
Please get in touch!

Please forward this newsletter to your network of family and friends. Thank you.

Grace, love and peace to you all.
Jo-Ann Hughes

Harrogate Hub Co-ordinator

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July 2016

Dear Friends and Family of The Harrogate Hub,

I am delighted to update you on the progress that the Harrogate Hub is making.

The Harrogate Hub Building – Giving Thanks!

As you are aware the building has three floors:

The top floor is for use by the Operations Team and needs finishing off and furnishing ready for occupation.

The middle floor is the Training Room and a place for strategic planning and church unity. It has a large conference table and is equipped with teaching resources. It will be a bookable space when we open – a place where we aim to bring in some revenue to help support the running costs of the building.

The ground floor is the Welcome Centre and continues to be a work in progress; the entrance has yet to be made accessible for all although we have been awarded a grant from AllChurches Trust to create access to the building for all abilities; the reception area is built; the decorating is to be completed. If you have a few hours to spare please come and give Phil Vaux a hand! Thank you Phil!

The Lift – A wonderful answer to prayer – the lift will be installed in September. Thank you Church House Trust for gifting the money. The Lift will connect the ground floor to the middle floor so that people of all abilities can access training and meetings.

The volunteer interior designer gets to dress the ground floor in August; Elaine has worked tirelessly seeking out quality furniture for great prices all within the colour theme of the Harrogate Hub. Thank you Elaine! Your gifts are a real blessing!

The decorating has been professionally done by volunteers coordinated by Phil Vaux from Presence church. Phil has a ministry blessing people trapped by poverty, with practical home and gardening help. People who are struggling financially receive an unconditional blessing in Jesus name! Thank you Phil. You are a blessing to the work of the Harrogate Hub! And thank you to those who have supported Phil in the decorating too! You are all a blessing!

Cleaning the plaster and dust has been one woman’s calling. Mary is a beautiful blessing, working tirelessly and joyfully! We can certainly see the impact she has made; the contrast is striking! Thank you Mary! And bless you!

The Harrogate Hub Volunteer Teams

There are many teams being developed!

  • The Operations Team consists of the Coordinator, Administrators, Business Consultants, HR Consultant, Media and Communications experts, IT database Administrators, Treasurer, Finance and Funding Team, Welcomers/Receptionists
  • The Intercessors Team – one hour of prayer takes place every Friday in the Harrogate Hub at noon. We pray for our town, the needs of our neighbours, church unity and the building of the Harrogate Hub
  • The Pastoral Care Team – there are currently 12 people on the training programme
  • The Building Team – decorators and a cleaner
  • If you would like to be part of one or more of these teams and have the skills and talents and time to progress the vision of the Harrogate Hub I would love hear from you. At the time of writing their are 31 people across ten churches in Harrogate who are generously providing their gifting in the development of the vision of the Harrogate Hub.‘Come and plug yourselves in’, says Guy D-C. ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!’ says Jesus.

Young People Need a Champion and People with Mental Illness Need Love

  • We are seeking a team of Christian Pastoral Carers to specialise in young people’s work
  • We are seeking a team of Christian Pastoral Carers to specialise in mental ill-health issues

There will be training in the Autumn for each team. The call will be to open our doors at specific times of the week, inviting young people and people with mental ill-health to engage in pastoral support. We will be working with key partners who specialise in these areas.

If you feel God’s calling to these teams and want to know more please contact me.

A huge thank you to everyone already ‘plugged in’;  God’s blessing upon you!


The Harrogate Hub Pastoral Care

Training is underway with 12 gifted and talented people. It is a joy to spend Tuesday evenings reflecting on what is good pastoral care and what qualities are needed in a pastoral carer. Time is spent sharing and reflecting on good practice and learning from one another as well as from the materials gently facilitated by Carol, our tutor.

The team in the pictures are working together on listening skills!

Church Unity – A Movement of Mission

Pastors, Vicars and Leaders met recently at one of the two Harrogate Hub breakfasts. They were treated to fresh fruit, coffee and croissants whilst receiving a presentation of the vision of the Harrogate Hub from Rev’d Guy Donegan-Cross and a tour of the Harrogate Hub building.

The town pastors are coming together to discuss their relationship with the Harrogate Hub in this Movement of Mission.

The Church is seeking to strategically coordinate its resources in reaching out to people in our community with unmet needs; people living is isolation and loneliness, whose lives are perhaps torn apart by chaos and who are looking for a greater degree of hope and connectedness. Whilst celebrating the diversity of each church, this Movement of Mission is seizing the opportunity to be more effective in meeting the needs within our neighbourhood.

Please pray as these relationships seek to form a common purpose and work in unity, as one.


Don’t forget we are looking for people who would like to be involved in the Movement of Mission. It is a very exciting time to get connected so please contact me at  – 

Please pray as these relationships seek to form a common purpose and work in unity, as one.

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