Jesus’s prayed that Christians may be completely one.

We may worship in different ways, but we all believe in the same Trinitarian God.
The interdenominational grouping of the churches in the town unite in Christ, so that our differences are diminished or utilised beneficially in worship, witness and work together, serving our community in love.

The Hub offers a neutral physical place and space owned not by one church but by many. Existing to live out the Hub’s vision that is about unity through service. 

As a church leader, we would love you to get involved in this movement by:

Common Mission Forum
Come to the six-monthly Forum, bring along some people from your church as we work together on specific ways to bless the town.

Prayer Breakfast
Join us to pray for our town together. First Tuesday of every month, 7.30am-8.45am expect breakfast, worship, relationship and prayer.

Become a trustee
We meet once a month for 90 minutes. Having a wide representation of churches is vital.

Giving to the Hub regularly through your church mission facilitates the local church to be one in mission. We rely exclusively on the support of Christians and churches to continue our work.

Visit the Hub
Come and see us at 4, Oxford Street as a way of engaging with what God is doing and the potential there is.