We are connecting our community to serve the people in our town.

“If we work together to do what is necessary and do what it possible, before we know it we will be doing the impossible.” (adapted Francis of Assisi)

Have you got a heart for community transformation? Do you work in the business, civic, or 3rd sector, or are you part of a local church?

We’d love you to partner with us in serving our community. We are at the beginning of our journey building bridges within our town. Will you join in the conversation?

The Harrogate Hub works with civic, business and 3rd sector parties

The Hub and the local Church serving the Harrogate community in partnership with Civic, Business and 3rd sector leaders.

Do you work in the Civic, Public, or 3rd Sector?

At the Hub, we come across many different needs within our town. We are building relationships with organisations that are already supporting people in Harrogate. Together we can make sure that everyone in our town can access the help they need.

What does this look like?

  • We are raising awareness of the gaps in provision and discussing the ways we can respond to unmet needs together.
  • Our pastoral carers receive training from specialists in these sectors. For example several of our pastoral carers are trained by IDAS and Wellspring.
  • Support services in Harrogate signpost their users to our services where relevant. And we signpost people with specific needs to their specialist services.

Would you like to discuss how we can work together?

Would you like to find out how we can support and serve you?

Are you a businessman or woman?

We want to serve the business community in Harrogate. Running a business can bring with it many challenges and we want to make sure that we are all looking out for each other.

How could we support you? Please join in with the conversation.

We are looking for businesses who share our vision and pastoral heart to partner with us in our work.

Could your business sponsor, fundraise or even donate an auction or raffle prize to us?

Are you part of a local church?

The church is called to be a blessing to the town. And we want to facilitate Christians as they seek to bless Harrogate.

  • The Hub is a resource for local churches across denominations.

We offer communication, infrastructure, and support to church congregations that want to work together in local areas to alleviate suffering. Every 6 months, we hold a forum where Christian leaders come together to decide on practical ways we can serve everyone in our community.

Find out how we are uniting churches in prayer and action.

  • We want to serve you where you work

Across local churches, there are many people of influence working in different sectors within our community. We want to bless you as an individual, whether you are a business leader, civil servant, church leader, or volunteer. We want to equip and resource you to use your gifts to serve the community.

Find out more about how we can serve Harrogate together. 

We are connecting local churches with the wider community.

We are up-to-date with the many different activities, social events, and support groups that local churches provide. We realise that some people may not feel comfortable walking into a church building, so we provide a neutral venue, where we can connect people in need with the relevant help offered by local Christians and church communities.

Have you got a new support group, community group, event, or activity that you want to tell us about?