Our vision: 

That everyone in the Harrogate area would know the love of God and the love of community. 

The Hub story

In 2014,  a survey was undertaken on the unmet social needs of the Harrogate area (Minding the Gaps report), which highlighted a sense of desperation in all age groups.

Harrogate churches are coming together to respond to these needs, combining, resources, talent, money, and time to support our suffering town, our distressed neighbour. The Hub is an expression of mission and unity in Harrogate.

Our hope for Harrogate

We dream of Harrogate being a place ….

– of wellness, healing and wholeness

– of hope and justice for all

– of diversity, innovation, and creativity

– of reconciliation and forgiveness

– where no one is exploited, abused or marginalised

– where everyone can be nourished and supported

– where everyone can flourish and thrive

– where the whole community looks out for each other and works together.

The Harrogate Hub is a place to connect, network and serve.

In 2019, the Harrogate Hub set about transforming the physical building. It now hosts a give-as-you-feel-cafe, a neutral space for meetings and gatherings and the ‘powerhouse’; a dedicated prayer floor for use by individuals or groups.

There are multiple ways you can help

  • Volunteer
  • Pray
  • Donate
  • Spread the word