We are a prayerful family. Prayer is the foundation, it is the scaffolding that holds us firm everyday. We believe everything starts and end with prayer. We pray for guidance, for direction, for support, for each other and for you.


Prayer Room
Our dedicated prayer space is available and ready for you to use freely. Contact us for more.


Prayer Board
Add your prayer request to the board in our cafe and we will pray through these each day.

daily_prayer at the Harrogate Hub

Daily Prayer
We start each day by praying together as individuals, a team, a family. Everyone is welcome.


Weekly Prayer
This is an opportunity to come together and pray for our town. All are welcome to join us. 


Leaders Prayer
Every month we gather church leaders together to pray.

24_7_prayer at The harrogate Hub

24/7 Prayer
We have opportunities to intercede for specific needs and listen to God.

If you would like to know more about any of our opportunities for prayer please contact us.