Jo-Ann Hughes

The running of the Hub is overseen by Executive Director, Jo-Ann, who is supported by volunteers playing a variety of roles.

“My entire life has been about service to people, giving a voice to the voiceless, to the least, to the people on the margins of community. As a teacher, I loved my students and enjoyed seeing them flourish, many from very disadvantaged beginnings.

I believe love and support is a constant need as we grow into adulthood, and battle life’s challenges of loss, betrayal, hardship…Without love to carry us through such times, we begin another battle – that which is within us; our delicate minds easily fragment as hopelessness sets in.

At the Hub, I’m no longer a teacher of students but a champion of those children that have grown up and entered into societies, jobs, families, homes etc., but are none-the-less vulnerable and needing love, support and encouragement. Sometimes you need a little lift through life. So why not call in today for a chat. I guarantee you’ll leave smiling!”

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The Trustees

The Trustees are a body of people with a deep sense of God’s love for Harrogate. They are passionate about bringing the people of our town back into a sense of community. They seek to provide love where there is none; justice where there is corruption and cruelty; and friendship and fellowship where there is loss and loneliness.
The Trustees are men and women from across the diverse expressions of the Christian church in Harrogate, united in the vision of Harrogate Hub.
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The Operations Team are a talented team of individuals sharing their experience and expertise in the engine room of the Hub. 

Giving up to 15 hours a week each Administrator ensures that the office of the Hub is well served.

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Communications & Media

Our communications team help to spread the message far and wide through marketing and media.

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Prayer and Intercession

The Prayer and Intercession Team meet twice a week for worship, bible study and prayer. If you would like to join this team please contact the Hub. If worshipping God in these ways is your hearts desire, you are most welcome to join us. We meet on Tuesdays and Fridays at noon.

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Building and finance/funding

The Building and Finance Team are volunteers who maintain the building making sure it is clean, bright and welcoming. Duties include cleaning, building maintenance, book keeping and making grant applications. 

Currently we have a vacancy for a maintenance (odd job) person and a cleaner. We are also recruiting people with particular expertise in making grant applications. To join these teams please contact the Hub.

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Pastoral Carers

Pastoral Care is for those people who have a heart for others, who can listen patiently while people tell their stories and share their worries, unburdening themselves of long held difficulties. Pastoral Carers do not judge but respond with love and kindness. The teams of Pastoral Carers receive training at the Hub before they engage with the public. If this is a role you can fulfil and you know you could make a difference to someone (a neighbour) in need then please contact the Hub.

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Church Unity

Information about Church Unity Team

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