The running of the Hub is overseen by Executive Director, Jo-Ann, who is supported by volunteers playing a variety of roles.

“My entire life has been about service to people, giving a voice to the voiceless, to the least, to the people on the margins of community. As a teacher, I loved my students and enjoyed seeing them flourish, many from very disadvantaged beginnings.

I believe love and support is a constant need as we grow into adulthood, and battle life’s challenges of loss, betrayal, hardship…Without love to carry us through such times, we begin another battle – that which is within us; our delicate minds easily fragment as hopelessness sets in.

At the Hub, I’m no longer a teacher of students but a champion of those children that have grown up and entered into societies, jobs, families, homes etc., but are none-the-less vulnerable and needing love, support and encouragement. Sometimes you need a little lift through life. So why not call in today for a chat. I guarantee you’ll leave smiling!”