We are a community with a vision

Everyone knowing the love of community.

At the Hub, we want to see Harrogate transformed by the love we have for each other. The Hub provides pastoral care for everyone in our community.

The Hub is aware of the needs within our town. Hidden behind its Edwardian façade are many people living lives of desperation. Deep feelings of hopelessness and loneliness are affecting people of all ages.

No one should feel left out of society. No one should feel unloved, rejected, isolated. The Hub, therefore, offers a safe space for new connections, new relationships, new hope and new purpose.

Please call in. We offer a warm welcome, an engaging smile, a listening ear, and a new sense of what it is to be loved.

There are multiple ways you can help

  • Volunteer
  • Pray
  • Donate
  • Spread the word

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