The Power in a Story

Meet Kay. She is one of our dedicated pastoral carers at the Hub, and she also knows what it is to be at the receiving end of support. The Hub is a place where everyone supports each other, because no one is immune to suffering. Everyone needs to be loved and cared for. And this is Kay’s story…

Before I came to the Harrogate Hub, I was at a point where I had lots of questions about what I should do next. I had heard about the Hub, so I decided to do the pastoral training course. I’ve had to counsel people before as a coach and teacher, and I’ve had a huge amount of counselling myself, because of my cancer.

If I hadn’t had that pastoral care from my church, I wouldn’t have survived my experience. From seeing people I know suffer alone, I am very aware of what a lack of support can do to you. So many people out there need care.

I’ve lived with cancer since 2005 and this is the third time it’s come back. When I found out, I had just got married and it was a massive shock to be diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was in a pit of depression. I didn’t feel anything at all – no emotion – I felt dead. People at the Hub and my church kept coming with the support. They refused to let go of me when I felt far from God. It would have been easy for them to let me go, but they didn’t.

The Hub was somewhere I could come and it was amazing how I could help people thorough my own experience. It was such a blessing to be able to relate to people, because suffering was something that was so real and so close to me. My words of comfort actually meant something to people.

Personal experience is so valuable. Now I refuse to let go of the people who come to the Hub. I refuse to accept that they have no meaning or self-worth.

I am sitting here today having come out the other end. I can tell you my story.


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Interview by Ella Green


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