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24/7 Harrogate prayer room is now open until: Sun 31st May at 7pm, book an hour (or more) now.

We hope to have continuous prayer so if possible book an empty slot – more than one person can book each hour slot. There are a bundle of prayer resources below.

Prayer Resources

Not sure what to pray for your hour? Click below for some resources and ideas.

Listening to God

Play the video and spend some time listening to God, don’t worry if thoughts intrude, maybe God is speaking to you through them.

Prayer and Response

Use these prayers to help you pray for an  hour about the Coronavirus pandemic

Worship and Bible Verses

Use these Bible verses to help you find hope.

Images of Hope

Use these pictures to help you pray.

Pray The News

What’s in the news today?

Hope for New Life

Give thanks for the wonders of new life in spring. Perhaps have a prayer walk.

New to prayer

God is there, waiting for us with arms open wide. Always ready to listen. Always ready to love us.
We know that God didn’t send this pandemic. But he is right here with us, sharing in the stress, pain and grief. He wants us to turn to him so we can find peace and hope.
Three guidelines are helpful for starting out in prayer:
Keep it Simple
You don’t have to find special words. Just share what is on your heart. Any time, any where. God is there.
When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray he taught them what we call the Lord’s prayer, simple enough to learn as a child but profound enough to sustain us for a lifetime. See Matthew 6:9-13 or Luke 11:1-4 or click here
Keep it Real
God is tough. You can share your pain and sorrow as well as your hopes and joys. Share your fear and anger, it’s ok. Pray for yourself, the ones you love, the world. God loves and cares for everyone and everything.
Keep it Up
Try and pray regularly. Maybe a few minutes at the start and the end of the day, or anytime in between, especially when there are moments of joy or stress.

Many of us are using the free app ‘Lectio 365’ to guide our daily prayers. Provides 10 minutes of prayer for the start of a day. Starting on Monday 27th April for 5 weeks the sessions will be based on ‘How to Pray’ by Pete Greig, one of the founders of the 23-7 prayer movement.

 You might want to come along to one of the many online services offered by churches  around Harrogate. Also see the section ‘What’s Next?’ below for more ideas.

Please share!
We want to encourage you to share your prayers, your prayer needs, anything you may have heard from God, your prayer images and also your answers to prayer. You can do this through our private Facebook group. If you’re not on Facebook you can share your prayers with us by emailing

What's next?

Daily Devotional

We encourage everyone to download Lectio 365 and use the daily devotional app personally and with your families. You can get more information and download it here.

24-7 Prayer

24-7 Prayer has also created more prayer resources to help us respond to coronavirus and the needs of the world in this time of crisis. You can download them here.

Establish a daily rhythm of prayer

Use one or all of the daily morning, midday and night prayer from the Northumbria Community. They’re updated for each day click here.

Prayer Online

Check out our churches online page to join in with many local churches delivering prayer online.

Family prayer activities

Click here for free downloadable prayer activities for families to do at home together

Want to learn more?

We strongly recommend three books by Pete Greig, one of the founders on the international 24-7 prayer movement:

How to Pray: ‘a simple guide for normal people’
God on Mute: engaging the silence of unanswered prayer
Dirty Glory: the story of the adventures of the the 24-7 Prayer movement

All three are available from Eden Christian bookshop who are offering £7 off a first order (on 23rd April) click here


Listening to God

Play the video and spend some time listening to God, don’t worry if thoughts intrude, maybe God is speaking to you through them.

Prayer and Response


Use these prayers to help you pray from your heart about the Coronavirus pandemic.

Worship and Bible Verses


Allow God to reassure and uphold you and your loved ones. Pick one or two bible verses to draw you to worship. Here are some suggestions.

Prayer Walk

Prayer walk harrogate hub

Go on a walk in your imagination. Pray for the people and places in our town or your area. Here are some pictures to start you off.

Prayer Through Pictures

pictures through prayer Harrogate hub

Print the sheet and then write or draw your own prayer.

Pray for 5

pray for 5

Who needs your prayers right now?


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