The Harrogate Hub

Need help?

Who is the Hub for?

We welcome everyone who comes through our doors. Whatever challenges you might be facing, we are here to help you.

We have a team of trained pastoral carers who will listen to you in confidence and support you whatever you might be going through.

You will receive kindness and you will not be judged. We do not discriminate against anyone. Whatever your background, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age, we are here to support you. We care for everyone in our community.

We can connect you with local support groups, services and the wider community.

If we do not have the expertise to provide all the support you need, we will signpost you to more specialist support, and we can walk alongside you through this process, whether that’s helping you make a phone call or fill in forms, providing a space for an appointment, introducing you to a community group, or helping you to explain your situation to a specialist.

We know that there are not always quick-fix solutions, so we will walk beside you on your journey for as long as you need it. We want to help you regain a sense of connectedness to your community so that you do not have to face life’s challenges alone.

All are welcomed and accepted

You don’t need to book an appointment, simply drop in during our open hours, or you can give us call.

The Harrogate Hub
39 Oxford Street
North Yorkshire

TEL: 01423 369393

You can also join us for Knit and Natter on Monday 2-4pm. (You’re welcome to come in for a natter, even if you don’t knit!)

Click here for opening times and to view our location

We will act within safeguarding legislation and advice.

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