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Harrogate Pioneer Youth Leader Vacancy

The Harrogate Hub regularly gathers church leaders for prayer, worship and conversation about mission.  As part of this, churches across Harrogate recognise that they are good at discipling young people from Christian homes and that during lockdown exceptional work has been done by Youth Ministry teams across the town in providing pastoral support and community for those young people.  This has been an incredibly difficult task given the restrictions in place.

As the year has progressed it’s become clear that lockdown, school closures and uncertainty over exams has placed significant stress on young people, resulting in unprecedented increases in mental health concerns amongst teenagers.

Churches in Harrogate recognise the need to reach out to young people with the Gospel at this time and want to work together to make this a reality.

This is a new post, in a unique setting.

Our Vision

To create a network of Missional Youth Communities across Harrogate. In practice, this looks like:

  • Each of these Communities being an expression of church in its own right, each with a rhythm of worship, fellowship and mission.
  • For the PYL to focus initially on one geography or school and only move to another once a community and its volunteer leaders are well established.
  • For Fresh Expressions pathway to be followed.  The PYL would work to build relationships with young people in the area through school clubs or detached work, ask young people what they might want to start in their area (eg. Film club, youth club, art project) and then explore faith and discipleship with young people in smaller groups as the opportunity arises.
  • For this role to be successful, the PYL will need to develop a team of volunteers. This requires local churches to be willing to give people and energy to the project.There is no central resource for this and will rely on churches directing some of their volunteer force in this direction.  Churches across Harrogate have agreed to do this, although the success of this will depend on the PYL’s ability to build good relationships and lead the volunteer team well.

To apply

  • Please complete the application form and send to by 4pm Wednesday 14th July 2021.
  • Interviews will take place on 21st and 22nd July 2021 in Harrogate.