Hub Cast


We love hearing stories about town-wide mission. By sharing stories, we can build each other up, share skills, ideas and wisdom. By listening to others we may feel prompted by God too, and feel there are opportunities we too could explore in our town. If you want to know more or have a story to tell get in touch.

In this episode, we speak to Lynda and Benny from​ as they share missional stories from across our town. Hear from one of the course participants:​

In this episode, we speak to Sarah Martin from St Peter’s church as she shares stories from Alpha.

This month, we speak to Rachel Turner from Parenting For Faith as she talks about a free new course happening in Harrogate.

This month, Kathryn Watson from Kairos Network Church in Harrogate shares her missional stories.

…this is about jumping into being a community together.