24-7 Prayer

Learn to pray by praying

Daily Devotional
We encourage everyone to download Lectio 365 and use the daily devotional app personally and with your families.

24-7 Prayer
24-7 Prayer has also created more prayer resources to help us respond to coronavirus and the needs of the world in this time of crisis.

Establish a daily rhythm of prayer
Use one or all of the daily morning, midday and night prayer from the Northumbria Community.

Prayer Online
Check out our churches online page to join in with many local churches delivering prayer online.

Family Prayer
Click here for free downloadable prayer activities for families to do at home together


We strongly recommend three books by Pete Greig, one of the founders of the international 24-7 prayer movement:

How to Pray: ‘a simple guide for normal people’
God on Mute: engaging the silence of unanswered prayer
Dirty Glory: the story of the adventures of the the 24-7 Prayer movement

All three are available from Eden Christian bookshop click here

24 prayer for harrogate

Easter to Pentecost 2020

We arranged a virtual prayer room from 9th April to 31 May 2020. Over 80 individuals and groups shared in over 440 hours of prayer. The themes for prayer changed over time – the prayer activities are below. You might find many of them useful

Listening to God

Play the video and spend some time listening to God, don’t worry if thoughts intrude, maybe God is speaking to you through them.

Click for a suggested playlist

Prayer & Response

Use these prayers to help you pray for an  hour about the Coronavirus pandemic

Click to download

Worship and Bible Verses

Use these Bible verses to help you find hope.

Click to download

images of hope

Use these pictures to help you pray.

Click to download

Pray the news

What’s in the news today?

Click to download

hope for new life

Give thanks for the wonders of new life in spring. Perhaps have a prayer walk.

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