24-7 Prayer



During the pandemic many of our churches were feeling prompted to unite in prayer but were unable to meet in person. The Hub along with churches developed an virtual prayer room and provided bespoke resources to guide people through their time in prayer. The prayer room ran both during the Covid peak and during the weekend of Pentecost.
In total we saw 52 days covered with 443 hours of prayer.
Listening to God

Play the video and spend some time listening to God, don’t worry if thoughts intrude, maybe God is speaking to you through them.

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Prayer & Response

Use these prayers to help you pray for an  hour about the Coronavirus pandemic

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Worship and Bible Verses

Use these Bible verses to help you find hope.

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images of hope

Use these pictures to help you pray.

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Pray the news

What’s in the news today?

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hope for new life

Give thanks for the wonders of new life in spring. Perhaps have a prayer walk.

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