Its your move

Supporting Children moving to high school

It’s Your Move is developed by Scripture Union and a great resource tool brimming with advice, activities and real-life testimonies. For the past 20 years, over 2 million children moving to secondary school have received It’s Your Move, supporting them through that move.

For two years, Church Leaders across Harrogate have visited schools and provided a special assembly, delivered It’s Your Move booklets and invited Yr 6s to a special event on the Stray. Youth leaders in our town also offered smaller group drop-in sessions for children during their first week of term, this provided a safe space for children to talk about their week with youth leaders, enjoy hot chocolate and ask older high school children questions. This project saw 17 churches join together to serve over 50 children transitioning to high school.

Harrogate Hub it's Your Move

Click here to find out more about Scripture Union’s, It’s Your Move.

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